Wow... How Did I do thatI had the great pleasure of meeting Mark at the BNI Day in London last month, he was one of the speakers, and he was amazing! His story is one that people can but dream of. He makes a wish and it comes true…. often! His trick is that he has finely tuned his brain to be positive to think positive things, more and more we hear that your thoughts really do affect your life on so many levels. Mark started off working in an office but dreamed of owning his own company and also owning his dream car, then two years later he found himself in the position of owning his own software company… His next dream was… I wish I could sell this company to an American company, low and behold he sold the company to a Silicon Valley company and was set for life. He decided to make use of his time and look into how these things had happened, learnt about NLP and also learnt hypnosis, he has a keen knowledge of what makes us tick, and his reasons for learning all this were due to the fact that he was terrified of public speaking. Now he loves public speaking in fact he bounded onto the stage at the BNI event.

The book is basically his talk expanded, but that is brilliant as some of things you might have missed during the talk you can take in and in fact go back to. The book is so easy to read, in fact I could hear his voice in my head as I read it! He writes as he talks which is brilliant!

Its funny but I got to thinking about my life, and the amazing things that have happened to me…. I have loved the Beach Boys all my life… and even when I was young I just knew that one day I would get to thank Brian Wilson for the joy he has bought to my world… and that has happened many times now!

I set up my own company last year (web designs) and was, as Mark mentions in the book, terrified as to whether it would work, but it has proved to be a great success and subconsciously I knew it would be! that’s not being arrogant just positive.

There are lots of things I can look back on and think… oh yes I wished for that and it happened!

If you are dealing with changes in your world, hesitant to move forward then get Marks book! its a brilliant read, and it will alter the way you think for ever!

Thanks Mark for sharing your journey with us all…

Mark is the guest speaker this Thursday at the We-Networks Sparkle event!

Me with Mark Rhodes

Marks reply to my blog via twitter 🙂 @lucyswebdesigns Thanks Lucy for the feedback on my book. Glad it has been helpful. Mark

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