Sean Macreavy

So day two dawned, how nice it was to be able to  ‘ do it again’  (sorry couldn’t resist)

We got there at 12 sharp not wanting to miss anything, David Slater whom we had had the pleasure of  company yesterday had saved our seats at the back (thank you David) I was very pleased indeed to see my great friend Ian Alexander Barnes who has been much missed fom these events over the last few years (where have you been Ian??? )

There were some very hungover people around, it seemed they were all out playing till 2am! naughty boys….  this led to a few interesting musical interludes didn’t it Brian 🙂  but great fun all the same.  The Leeds contingent had to actually forgo their day as they were so ill, shame lads but at least we were spared more renditions of ‘Little Pad’ 🙂

Kinglesy read the e-mail messages out again for those who had missed them yesterday and we got to extra one’s this time, one from Mr Wilson himself and one from Al Jardine, so that was a nice treat, the other messages that I forgot to mention yesterday were from Stephen Kalinich, Bruce Johnston, Probyn Gregory, Billy Hinshe, Jeffrey Foskett to name but a few.

Brian Barry and friend took to the stage and gave us a Beatles medley I did mention to Ian that they seemed to be at the wrong convention 🙂 but it was very good all the same, even though the tell tale eveidence was there on ‘blackbird’ but very funny!  ahhh the memories.

David Slater

The order is a bit hazy for me I think David Slater was up next, he gave a brilliant talk his life through the years in relation to Beach Boy concerts, he has seen some fantastic performances, I was very jealous indeed when he said he had seen Dennis sing ‘Forever’ live, he had some great memories to share with us.

Dave Maclean Laurence and Brian and Alex took to the stage with their very small guitars 🙂 and played some brilliant folk songs of the Beach Boys ‘Big Sur, ‘Holidays’ Cottonfields to name but a few, sounded bloody marvelous too!

Sean and co in the form of ‘Surfs Up’ took to the stage and wiped the cobwebs away with some great rock and Roll, my fav being ‘Long promised Road, Viv brilliantly managed to capture it so here it is:

During the Surfs Up set Rob reminded us all that was infact Dennis Wilsons birthday and he would have been 67! I forone could not imagine a 67 year old Dennis…. Rob put on a brilliant performance of Forever which managed to hush the audience…..

Its amazing to me that through the years we have got to know the people who were around whilst all this wonderful music was being made, and in fact whilst the event was taking place I was e-mailing Stevie kalinch and telling him what was occuring, as Kingsley said we have been so very blessed over the last few years, and we must never forget that and support these events as one day they will be but a distant memory…

You can see all Vivienne’s Video’s here, well done Viv for capturing the memories 🙂

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