Sons and Lovers (Oxford World's Classics)I have had this book on my shelf for years and years, just waiting for the right time to lose myself in it. I even took it on holiday one year but just wasn’t in the right place. I think to read a book like this, you know it is such an important work that you want to really read it… if that makes sense. So last week when I was full of cold and no good for anyone I curled up on the settee and lost myself in the world of ‘The Morals’. Years ago when I was in my early twenties I read The rainbow’ and totally fell in love with it. It’s still one of my favourite books. This book of course is similar in many ways, you really get into the minds of the characters, that’s the thing about Laurence, he makes you realise that all the thoughts and life experiences that you have, have in fact been lived out many many times before. What was it Soloman said ‘there’s nothing new under the son’ and I believe he was probably right!

It’s a brilliant book, brilliantly written, capturing a moment in our not all so distant history very well. I believe it was semi autobiographical in many ways, the hatred of his father and the love and adulation of his mother.

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