Having come to know Peter’s work through my great friend Stephen Kalinich I was keen to hear what the two of them have been up to lately!

It starts of with the tuning of a radio, a bit like ‘Magic Transistor Radio’ from ‘The Beach Boys Holland’

Peter has such a lovely soothing voice.. this comes through very well on the opening track ‘We are the Sand’

Great to hear Stevie’s words of wisdom coming through the speakers on ‘ Drinking in the sunshine’

There’s a feeling’ is a very Beach Boy esq recording, reminds me of something and I can’t quite put my finger on it, Peter what was your inspiration for this one?

‘Part of the Rock’ is a great Surf Jam number, the songs are interspersed with ‘radio jingles’ these are at the suggestion of David Beard of Endless Summer Quarterly fame, they are very cool but I have to confess that the first time I listened to it I misstook them for the spotify adds 🙂

The album is very eclectic but even for all that really does flow,  you simply don’t know what musical style will grace you next, from Surf Rock Jams to Poetry of great beauty, great melodies flow through the album Peter takes us on a lovely journey with it.

An Open Heart makes me think of the Fleet Foxes and then all of a sudden Stevie seems to take us on a train and we are in Cornwall with him..

Also on a personal note Peter filmed the video at our annual holiday spot  ‘Swanage’ so it was lovely to look at that here in the bleak depths of winter.. so the video and the music spring a little warmth to our cold winter days….

Thanks Peter and Stevie for another brilliant album!

I just love it all, its the sort of album that makes you want to listen to albums again… not shuffle it all up!

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