Then AgainThen Again by Diane Keaton

I actually got this book for my Mum for her birthday, but secretly hoped that once she had finish it she would pass it on to me.

Diane Keaton is one of those actresses that has featured in some of the best films of the last (I don’t want to age her here 🙂 lets say 40 years…

I remember my brother and I watching ‘Play it again Sam’ with tears literally streaming down our cheeks, such a brilliant film! and of course ‘The First Wives club’ that I actually took my parents to see…. together!!! The Godfather films goes without saying how brilliant they are.. just loads of brilliant films, and also she is such a stylish lady, always looks fantastic and like no one else, which I just love.

So when I bought the book for my Mum I was expecting a happy go lucky biography about hollywood… note to self… do a bit more research first!

The book is far from your usual Hollywood bio, and I have to say, all the better for it! We get to know the real Diane, the one behind the lens, the one who comes from a family, of very unique interesting people, the book is ‘co-written’ with her Mother, who kept beautiful journals all her life, sadly she felt she hadn’t achieved her true worth during her life, and tried to vent that in these journals which Diane found after her death.

The pictures in the book, are of the collages that bring the journals to life, there are hardly any of hollywood folk, just a few pages for Warren, Al and Woody, whom she had relationships with, but this book isn’t about them, or that side of life, its about what makes us who we are, where we come from, and where lets face it we end up.. with those that mean the world to us and are always there for us no matter what.

It is a beautifully written book, hugely emotional, but for all that a joy to read.

I really liked Diane Keaton before I read the book…. I am an even bigger fan now!

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