As those who have been following my blog over this past year will know, I have been part of the Enfield ‘Love Your High Street/ We Love Enfield‘ Campaign, and I have enjoyed each and every moment of it.

We all know that our high streets are facing perilous times, there is so much against them, be it the obvious internet options or other less obvious challenges.

I think that we will have to have a radical re-think of what we need from our high streets, the world as I mentioned before is turning, and we have to make sure we keep up with it….

People have suggested having a creche within town, which is a brilliant idea. I know one of the main problems people have is having to drag their kids round from shop to shop.

On our travels from shop to shop within the region we have met such lovely people running their shops, offering so much more with their independent shops, there personalties shine through, they all  love their shops, it’s not just a job to them, far from it, it is their lives… We need to make sure we help them and support them to continue.  But the long and the short of it is they need all of our help and a lot more support.

Let’s not lose sight of that!

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