So the last day is upon us, I wonder how many people made it to the very end? Looking back at my first blog I started off with a blog about Stonehendge, since then I have covered all sorts of wondrous subjects. I have found that it’s a great way to actually learn about a subject that I knew nothing about.  Also it’s great to look back at the music and movies that have made my year. The photo challenge was a genius idea as it took the load off one day a week… Also I have to thank my prolific friend Stephen John Kalinich who has very kindly let me use his poems throughout the year and stories of his friends in Hollywood.

The We Love Enfeld campaign has given me some great content, we really do forget what great shops we have on our doorstep and more importantly the lovely people who run them.

Loving Social Media started in May, after Garry very kindly asked me to go into business with him and then we were joined by Michael making us a brilliant team (even if I say so myself). We have had such a great year!  and are really looking forward to what the New Year will bring!

I have mentioned in all our talks that I have been blogging each and everyday for a year, this is always greeted with gasps from the audience! But hey look at the date!  I made it!

Thanks to WordPress I have really enjoyed it, now the trick is to carry on blogging but maybe not quite as often!

Here’s to 2012 the year of the the mayan prophecy now there’s a blog just waiting to be written right there!

Other highlights of the year were meeting Brian Wilson again and kd Lang on my birthday.

Happy New Year!