Wow what a day it was for us in Loving Social Media land!

A few weeks ago I was alerted by Kim from the Advertiser informing me via twitter that our brilliant local MP Nick De Bois had just mentioned our flash mob in the Houses Of Parliament!

I quickly switched over to the Parliament channel to see what Nick was saying. It was brilliant, you can see it in full on our earlier blog ‘Mary Portas Review‘. The Commons were talking about the High Streets and what will become of them.

Nick mentioned the EBRA, We Love Enfield campaign and how positive things are happening here in Enfield. I decided to tweet him to say thank you and mentioned to my partner that if he were to happen to look at his phone now it would be my tweet. Guess what, Nick did. So I have now told everyone that I have an interactive telly!

Nick replied.

On the back of this I thought how great it would be to interview Nick about Social Media and the good that it can do. We all know Twitter was blamed for the spread of information surrounding the riots; which is exactly the reason that we wanted to put it to good use with our flash mob.

Nick uses Twitter brilliantly to keep his constituents up to date with what is happening in the borough. So a date was set for us to travel up to Westminster to interview Nick in his office.

Having never been inside Parliament before I was ill prepared for all the security measures that are taken. We were searched thoroughly, photos taken and told off when Michael tried to enter the building before we had been told we could.

I tweeted Nick to say we had arrived and we were met by his lovely new intern Lindsey who had just arrived from Kentucky no less. We were her first meet and greet.

The interview went very well as we took turns asking Nick our questions. I wanted to know what Nick’s thoughts were on Mari Smith’s comments last week about Social Media being able to kick start the economy again and get us out of the recession. I also wondered what his favourite political film was and most intriguing of all, what sort of music he likes. This got a very interesting response I can tell you! We asked about the hot topics of the High Street and of course parking!

Nick didn’t hold back on his views! It was a really interesting interview and will be available online for your entertainment very soon.