Eat, Pray, Love 

Ryan Murphy * Runtime 274 minutes

Based on the memoir of Elizabeth Gilbert.  I haven’t read the book but feel after watching the film, I will!  We had no idea what it was about, so had no preconceptions and really enjoyed it!  Julia Roberts was her usual brilliant self… I could never tire of watching her, oh hang on, memories of ‘The Stepmum’ have just returned – ok so I could never tire of watching her in this!

It was the story of a lady who is empty, wants so much more out of life, feels she should be happy but there is an open wound for all to see. So she does what anyone would if they could and buys a ticket and heads off to pastures new for a year.  First stop Italy, she soon meets some wonderful people and learns the lingo and has a life over there, but still misses those she has left behind, so after four months she ups sticks and heads off to India. There she meets a chap called Richard who is also trying to find himself played by the brilliant Richard Jenkins as the aserbick American who pushes her along to inner truth. Final stop Bali, where she re-meets the wise old man who told her to go on the jaunt in the first place. He remined me a lot of ‘The Chink’ in ‘Even Cowgirls’.

So what do you feel at the end of the film, well there is a lot of wisdom to be found, if you delve a little deeper… It’s also a great little movie… a chick flick for sure, but aren’t they wonderful!

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