Last week a friend of mine gave us some tickets to go to the recording of a tv show in Hammersmith – we had no idea what we were letting ourselves in for.  The show is called ‘Britain Unzipped’ and I have to say it certainly made for an interesting evening in my world.

I have been lucky enough to go to the recoding of a tv show a couple of times before, but that was a different experience as it was the Jools Holland Hootenanny, so really it was like being at a concert! This was a very different experience…

I got to the studio far too early, as always, and thought there would be somewhere nearby to sit and read my book whilst I waited for Liz to finished work. But alas there was not, so instead I stood in line reading my book! This proved to be an eye opening experience.  It would seem that people go from show to show and know each other. It was a bit like a convention, the people in front it seemed had been to another show the same day. If Victoria Wood had been in that queue she could have written a whole series about the people in the queue alone.

The doors opened at 7 and we were taken to our seats and informed that the recording could take about 2-3 hours. What if i needed to go to the toilet, it would disrupt the whole proccedings…

The warm up guy was brilliant Rob Beckett (@robbeckettcomic) what a tough job he has, they literally bring him out for 38 seconds whilst they fix a different camera angle. He really interacted with the audience and had great rapport!

The show itself was very good, we love Russell Kane when he is doing ‘Celebrity Get Me Out Of Here’. In fact we prefer that show to the Ant and Dec one! He was hilarious especially when he made a mistake. As we both really like Russell we were wondering what he would be like if he add libbed, believe me we weren’t disappointed. The two of them worked really well together, Greg James being the more serious of the two. Liz was pleased as the guest star was Charlie Brooks who plays Jeanne in Eastenders!

So it went really well, it’s an interesting premise for a show. About our quirky nature as Brits. Once the show is released the audience at home will even be able to take part in the survey online.  It will be interesting to see how much of the show makes it to our screens.

Really enjoyed the evening and I’m sure the show will be a huge success – well done guys.

Thanks for the tickets Kate! if you want tickets you can get them here