Briefs Encountered

I read an article about this book a while back in the Mail and knew I just had to read it. It really has lived up to my expectations and in fact exceeded them. It is a great read! The twists and turns will make the hairs on your neck stand on end! It takes you to places you never would have imagined it would go – past, present and even the future.

The premise of the story is actually loosely based on reality. You meet Richard Stent who is a rich and famous actor known for amongst other things his portrayal of Noel Coward. He gets so under Noel’s skin that he starts to collect all things Coward-esq. He discovers that none other than Julian Clary lives in Mr Cowards old house, Goldenhurst Old Manor and as luck would have it is looking to sell up. Julian has written himself into the book BRILLIANTLY. He is so self deprecating and writes himself in as his worst critic might view him, to hilarious ends…

The relationships of Noel and his partner Jack in the 30s and Richard and Fran in the present day are beautifully written. You really get a feel for their relationships and also how they had to live in those times compared to the lives we lead today. Julian very cleverly switches between these two times frames, taking it a chapter in turn.

Once Richard has moved into the house, it soon makes its feelings known. I will of course not give anything away, just to say that I had no idea where the book would take me but very much enjoyed the journey. It comprises of comedy, horror, people, life really as we know it now and knew it then.

I highly recommend it.

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