It has been a great pleasure to be the sub for Michael Cuschieri for the last two weeks at the BNI Vision Group in Enfield.

For those of you who do not know about the BNI it is the largest network group in the world, each week business people meet to share both their wealth of both knowledge and  business with likeminded people.

The motto of BNI is ‘Givers Gain‘, the notion that if I give business to you, you would in turn want to give business back to me… It really does work!

I love the vision group as the people there are not only great fun, but are passionate about their businesses and yours! It is chaired brilliantly by Norma Morris of Curwen’s Solicitors, whom I told today was responsible for me being able to give my cousins a unique Wedding Present last week at her wedding, due to an introduction she gave me last year.. as we said you really could never go out and plan these moments, they just happen through the power of networking!

I love going to the Enfield Vision group. It starts at 6.30am.. but as soon as you get there

Nick Yiannoullou of Tools and Hire Sales did the ten minute presentation ably assisted by Vince Bavetta of IT Service

you forget how early in the morning it is and the time soon flies, and before you know it its off to work with a spring in your step! Testimonials are read, so you know that the people you will be recommending are worthy of your trust and recommendation… friendships are formed, and training is given so you are comfortable at presenting in front of a room of maybe 50 or more people!

Oh and you get a lovely breakfast as well!

If you would like to be  a visitor at this or other BNI groups contact Michael at  and you won’t regret it!

Paul Moston giving Georgia Stylianou a great testimonial