Here is some of my response.

Every day start with a few seconds being Still.

You do not need to go over board

it could be a few seconds

before you react to someone

That goes after you attacks you

verbally or in print.

Hold back for a second

do not react.

Watch your reactions

you can do it

a second at a time

and the practice will grow.

You can just do

your own quiet time.

The strength of my songs “Be Still

A Time To Live In Dreams

Rainbows” is all a turning to nature

to little things

to walk at the shore in nature

wherever you are

and breath

be grateful to be alive

the person who goes off on you

it is their problem

but you stay centered

in the turmoil.

My greatest benefit to you

as a friend is this stillness


Go to that quiet place within .




” No matter what the situation well or ill

i am inspired and i keep feeling the invisible presence

of an inner peace and kindness

blessing me through every step

of my journey.

At time i slip and stumble

but in the midst of it it is there to rescue me

save me and i know i can never be diminished

when i am in the service of others

and bringing benefit to all beings as best i can

each day.”

Stephen John Kalinich


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