We were doing one of our social media presentations last week and Garry happened to mention ‘Klout Perks’, now some of you may not know what Klout is let alone its perks so just to clarify; it is a way of measuring your social equity, in the past we were measured by our credit rating, but it seems that in the future it is very likely that we will be measured by our social standing, I guess it all started with ebay introducing the feedback score as a way to tell if you were trustworthy or not, this then led to Amazon doing feedback and reviews and so it spread, Klout measures your interaction with people on social media; who listens to you and then files you under your top area of influence.
Hotels in America have picked up on this, as you may know you can check in on Facebook or Foursquare letting all your followers on your various networks know where you are, well if you look at that from a business point of view, wouldn’t it be ideal to encourage people into your business so that they can then tell all their thousands of followers how brilliant you are. Well that is in a nutshell what Klout perks is all about. But why do companies want to give away these perks. Well if you think of it logically the more influential a person is the more people will see their tweets and Facebook posts, I guess you can compare it to being the town crier, except that the people who here your ‘cries’ are people that are interested as opposed to people who are walking past. Once you have received your perk Klout will proudly display it on your profile so it won’t be lost in time like a tweet can be. You will see below just how important big business has realised this is by the perks they have given away so far.

Here are some examples of what some companies have given away as Klout Perks: