David at Royal Albert Hall

David Marks at the Royal Albert Hall © Lucy Hall 2012

Earlier this year I received an e-mail from my lovely friend Stephen Kalinich, for whom, a few years ago,I had made a website. He had recommended me to Carrie Marks, the wife of Beach Boy David Marks.As you can imagine I was thrilled to bits and told Garry and Michael who I was with at that moment. Forward wind to September 2012 and The Beach Boys 50th anniversary tour hit London, you can read all about that here, but what I didn’t mention at the time was, that the day after the Royal Albert Hall concert I was asked to meet Carrie at the hotel the group were staying at. As you can imagine I was nervous but excited as well. I got to the hotel and the first person I saw was Mike Love ambling around the reception drinking a coffee, of course I would have loved to go and say hi, but knew this was not really the time for that. Soon enough David crossed the reception and then Carrie came to collect me, we went to the cafe area, and sat down to discuss the site, but I have to say we didnt talk about the website for ages. Carrie is such a lovely lady and had so many great tales to tell of their travels around America and how she met David. David soon came and joined us and made me laugh as he said ‘I’ve just asked Brian to do the paperwork’ and had lots of signed pictures with him 🙂 thats my kind of paperwork. Jeffrey Foskett came over and asked me what I thought of the previous nights’ concert which was, of course amazing! So that was that, I was all set and had everything I needed so over the last few months Carrie and I have worked together to make this site for David.
I am so pleased that they both like it and that they gave me the great honour of making if for them.

Thank you so much guys!

Me with David Marks

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