AngelopolisAngelopolis by Danielle Trussoni

My rating: 3 of 5 stars

Danielle Trussoni’s follow up to her hugely successful first novel Angelology finds us ten years after the close of the last book, an awful lot seems to have happened in those ten years, our hero Verlaine is now an experienced Angelogist himself and the world is filled with Nephilim. Verlaine see’s Evangeline again after all those years in Paris, his feelings for her once again aroused, he chases her and Eno a terrifying demonic angel who takes great pleasure in torturing humans in the most diabolical way.

I won’t say anymore as don’t want to spoil the ride for those who are yet to read it. The focus of the book is a real twist from the first one, the world that Danielle creates is so believable one almost begins to believe all this is going on about us and we are unaware of it. I hate to compare it to Dan Brown, but it does have his style of jet settings across the globe to follow the action, it’s a great romp, not as long a book as the first one, but left us nicely primed for the third one!

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