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I awaited this book with great anticipation. I love a good thriller, in fact it was Dan Brown that brought me back to reading novels having lost myself in biographies for a number of years.

Let’s face it you know what you are going to get with a Dan Brown book, but is that a bad thing? Robert Langdon, our hero of his previous books wakes up in a hospital bed, he has no memory of how he got there but keeps repeating the same phrases and having some very nasty nightmares… I will go no further as I don’t wish to spoil the ride for anyone, but there are some serious twists and turns in the book. There is also a very important message that Dan is conveying to us, this time about population growth and how we are all doomed…
I enjoyed it, I didn’t enjoy it maybe as much as some of his previous books, but I lost myself in it for a few days and also like most of the other people reading it no doubt would very much like to go to Florence…. but then again I did before I read it 🙂
Go on take a bite from this elicit fruit and give it a go… you know you want to!