SiddharthaThis book just kept popping up everywhere, I read about it, heard songs that were inspired by it and saw pictures of it… so as they say in Twin Peaks; if three things happen pertaining to the same event one must pay strict attention, so I downloaded J I have read Herman Hesse many years ago ‘Journey to the East’ and I had enjoyed that very much, I also enjoyed this book from the outset, it is a parable really of the different lives one can lead, but through the book they are all seen through the eyes of one man called Siddhartha he, from a very early age, is keen to know what life he should lead to reap the fullest experience; we meet him as a young man asking his father if he can become a Samanas, his Father doesn’t believe he really means it but Siddhartha proves him wrong and from here on in his life takes many twists and turns. He is a man who’s soul never seems to settle, he is always yearning to find something to fulfill him, meditation fails, money and sex fail, he almost ends it all he is such despair. t’s funny how some people just seem to cruise through life without putting too much thought into it, and others are filled with these questions and doubts.

It is very thoughtful and does make you think about your own life and what indeed does make you happy, lets face it there is a different answer to that question for each of us! Today I was feeling rather blue a few people had let me down, but somewhere someone smiled down upon me and played a song I loved whilst I was out and about and that cheered me up no end, so it can just something as simple as that for me, this book doesn’t really give us an answer but points us in the right direction, the rest as they say is up to you!

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