Waging Heavy Peace: A Hippie DreamWaging Heavy Peace: A Hippie Dream by Neil Young

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I love Neil Young, he has been a great part of my life for over 25 years, hardly a day goes past when I don’t listen to one of his songs.. yet even through that he is a kind of elusive fellow, he doesn’t really share his demons like my other musical hero Brian Wilson, of whom, let’s face it, we know far too much.
I knew this book was coming, but I was little prepared for how bloody marvellous it is! Right from the outset you get to meet Neil, it’s like you are sitting with him in a bar having a beer with him (not that he drinks anymore). I love the way the book flits about with his train of thought. I love his thoughts. Remember that film ‘being John Malkovich’ well I think the follow up should be ‘being Neil Young’ he is so very open, sharing with us his mistakes as well as his successes and also his future aspirations, I for one can’t wait to hear his new music system! Sounds great! Whether you love Neil Young as I do, or just love a good book go and get it now!

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