has it all
she will pick you up
when you fall
when you need someone
she’s the one to call
Lucy Hall this is her poem.
Lucy Hal has a gift
and more than one.
Not is she only
a creative web page designer
and creative spirt in her own right
but she grasp the concepts of her Artist.

She absorbs there essence
presents them in new
and exciting ways.
She makes her sites come alive
and conveys
the feelings with an aliveness
a zest and an enthusiasm
like no one I have ever seen.

She is also a caring
sweet person
and I would recommend her to anyone
who wants a different approach to websites.
She tries new things
creates new spaces
and makes them work.
Her value is beyond price
and anyone would be blessed
to have her do their site.
She has passion
a strong work ethic
and she delivers
a remarkable presentation
of whatever she tackles
and gives it energy and vitality.
I am blessed to have
her in my life.

© Stephen John Kalinich