I have been catching up on my Social Media Examiner Podcast‘s this week, and the brilliantly informative Michael Stelzner mentioned a new tool called Canva, he mentioned that it is great for making posters and flyers, anything visual really. Its in Beta stage at the moment, but I asked them if I could review it for my site and they kindly acquiesced.

Its a very cool tool!  all drag and drop, loads of free templates and themes that you can either add your images to, or for a very small fee ($1.00 per purchase) use their images.  I had a little play with it earlier, and made the below as a test run, as you can see before you finish you get their trademark on the image but once you are happy with your design and have paid the $1  you simply download it and that is gone.

It an amazing tool, you can use it EVERY where, social media, flyers for events on your website or for adverts!  I highly recommend it!

And thanks to the guys at Canva for the sneak peak!



This is one where I purchased the image:


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