Some of you may have heard about the new Linkedin Show Case Pages that they have just introduced, I don’t know about you guys but with me LinkedIn has always been the least fav of the social channels, I know I should be on there and I know possible future business could be done on there, but for some reason its just never grabbed me, but having said that, now with the introduction of the Show Case Pages I think I will give it another go.

Step 1

Go to your LinkedIn page

It will give you the option under menu and edit to add a showcase page, which then brings up the information below:


Be careful when trying to load images it gives you sizes they require and won’t accept anything bigger than that, you do get the option of adding a nice large banner image at the top of the showcase.


Once you have completed all the details you publish the site and it will appear as mine did below:

showcase pages

Once you have completed all the information you can start adding your latest blogs, video, presentations, and have all your content under one roof for people who are looking at your profile on LinkedIn to find.  It looks like fun!

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