Years ago when we just had three or four TV channels to choose from, late one night I remember watching a movie called ‘Before Sunrise’. It was such a great film, very unusual with a lot of talking between the two main characters who met on a train, had a magical night together and then that was it. They went off on their individual journeys through life.  It became a cult film, and years later I found out that lots of friends of mine had also caught this late night viewing and also fallen in love with the film


Nine years pass, and the characters meet again (which could have been a recipe for disaster but thankfully it wasn’t !). We meet up with them after Jesse has written a book about that one magical night, they get together again, but this time for more than a night, then guess what nine years later… you got it, we get the third installment of this magical story, it is of course less magical than the first one, they are together and have twins, but the wonderful thing is, they are still the same people I saw late one night in the early nineties on BBC2 hashing out life’s great questions,  still learning about each other and how to deal with each other, going from great passion to great despair in a matter of moments..


I really love these films Ethan Hawke and Julie Delphy are just brilliant in them, and it has been such a joy to dip into their world every nine years and re visit this couple and to see what life has thrown at them, but also us in the intervening years….  Here’s hoping this story goes on and on and on…  see you again in 2022!