I would say I get 90% of my business due to the fact I am now at the top of Google for my main keyword which is ‘Web Design Enfield’

web design enfield


The way I have got there, is not via add’s or back links, it is from my blog.

Part of the service I offer all my clients is to show them how I did it, so they can do it too!

Here are some of my top tips.

Top Tips:

  1. Attach your blog to your website, do not use a separate blogging site
  2. Link your social media to your blog
  3. Regularly update your blog with relevant content
  4. Include a Vlog (Video Blog) from time to time Google owns YouTube so always use their tools
  5. Use Plugins to add extra features ie: Akisment, Network Publisher, Tweetily
  6. Make sure you use the SEO Tool
  7. Keep images small big images slow the site down
  8. Use Google Analytics to monitor the traffic, how many hits from where and for how long
  9. Become known as an expert in your field
  10. Think like the consumer; what would they like to read about:
  • FAQS
  • Comparisons
  • Best Way to…
  • Problems and Solutions