Pinterest as you may know is one of the most popular social media platforms. The beauty of Pinterest is that all the images on the site originate from websites, they aren’t just pulled from google. So bearing that in mind from a marketing SEO point of view you can have lots of fun with it and create Pin boards for all your products, with a bit of blurb about them. Maybe if they are on sale you can create a sale board. One particular chap in America has had huge success with a board utilising not just his own pins but other companies and called it – A Planning An Event Board – it has gone viral. So think outside the box, don’t just use your own images spice it up with other peoples.

You may have set up your own personal account when it all started but they have now introduced business accounts. This is how you can either convert your existing account or set up a new business one.

Pinterest Business


Add your logo and business information and see if you can get a URL to match your business name.  I have done this with my Pinterest account and created a board for all my site builds. Have fun and feel free to share your boards here, I would love to see what you guys come up with!

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