Humanizing your brand is one of the best ways to get interaction. Forever putting out content and calls to action simply doesn’t work.
One day, someone came in to the opticians where Garry works and said to him, “you remind me of Scott Disick!” For those of you who don’t know, Scott is from the TV show “Keeping up with the Kardashians”. Garry, like anyone, was happy to be compared with a celebrity, so we thought we could integrate offline and online and ask the rest of our customers if they agree. So we got a picture of Scott Disick and we took a picture of Garry and put them next to each other. No fancy Photoshop business, just a simple paint job. Here’s what the post looked like;

LOving Social Media

As you can see, a simple post using real people can get you real results. We received 61 Likes, 28 Comments, and a reach of 1,391 people organically!

With simple tips such as tagging the right people and putting a location, you can out-smart the Facebook boffins that only want around 8% of your fans to see your post! You don’t always need to pay to get results.

Here are some tips from Thegz to get more likes, more eyeballs to see your post, more engagement, and more money!

  • A picture is proven to attract more people – but don’t always stick to a pic! Experiment with links, simple status updates, and videos.
  • Always encourage engagement. This could be a call to action, asking a question to your fans and asking their opinion.
  • If you’ve got friends or family round, ask them if they can invite all their friends to Like your page. Around 10-20% of people do accept Like requests, so if your niece has 500 friends on Facebook, your likely to get at least 50 new Likes. What is there to lose?
  • Encourage fans to share your post. Sharing goes out to 100% of the friends of the person who shared the post. So if the “sharer” has 750 friends, guess how many people have just seen your post?
  • – If someone comments on your page, don’t just like their comment, comment saying thank you. Your page gets rated on your response time, as well as a lot of other things.
  • Using a ‘Milestone’ is a quick and easy way for 100% off your fans to see what you’re celebrating. GoodLooking Optics recently had its 10,000th customer come through the doors, so we took a picture of them with a prize, uploaded it to Facebook and made it a Milestone. These rules are the same for changing your cover photo.

Happy Facebook’ing – we wish you all the success!

Thegz is the Accounts Manager at Loving Social Media and was the first UK Digital Media Apprentice.