womens unlimited enfieldWhere DO you go for support in your business when it’s just you? Where do you go when you need to brainstorm some new ideas… when you desperately need fresh eyes to offer a different perspective on a particular challenge… or when you need to really get to grips with learning that particular thing which is holding you back?

As micro business owners, the reality is we often end up having to somehow piece it all together the best we can by taking some bits from here and other bits from there.  Which is why I am SO delighted to have been chosen to lead the Women Unlimited Business Club in Enfield because AT LAST there is an exciting and powerful new offering to fill this gap – a complete support environment for business owners, offering  quality training, masterminding and accountability, all in one place.

It is NOT a networking group – there are many fantastic networking groups in the area – this is different;  it’s a dynamic, energising club for women who want to work ON their business, alongside other women who are equally serious about taking their business up a notch. AND as we all know, dedicating time and space to work ON our businesses, is essential to achieving any kind of growth and success.

The club is for women who are serious about building and growing a successful enterprise but it’s also designed to be collaborative and FUN and there’s nothing quite like the buzz and energy you get from working alongside a group of determined, focused, like-minded women who are equally serious about their business.

As a personal and business development coach, I’m passionate about helping women equip themselves with the tools and information they need to create the success they’re looking for and I know from my own experience just how effective a supportive group environment can be. Leading the Women Unlimited Business Club in Enfield feels totally congruent with my own business and I’m really looking forward to working alongside and supporting the inspiring women in Enfield’s vibrant business community.

My advice to anyone who’s wondering if this is right for them is to simply come along and experience what the club has to offer because then you’ll KNOW if it’s going to be right for you and your business.

The Enfield Club launches on February 6th, so if you’re interested in coming along to find out more and to assess if it’s right for you and your business, you can BOOK YOUR PLACE BY CLICKING THIS LINK!