PhotographHi my name is Sarah Dowling and I am training to be a translator, I am a postgraduate student studying an MA in Translation Studies at University of Leeds. , I have been set the following project for my college and wonder if anyone out there could benefit from my skills

For my summer project I need to translate two 4000 word documents from French-English (free of charge).

I am Particularly interested in tourism/literary/administration/NGO documents.

I will be setting up my own business in the translation industry at the end of summer. I have been trained to use CAT tools-Trados, DVX2, Passolo and Memoq. Furthermore, I have taken part in 3 team projects; completing translations using CAT tools. I have been trained to translate many different genres of texts including administrative, journalistic, scientific and technical and in the next few weeks I will be translating literary texts.

I have also studied translation theory in detail. I aim to specialise in financial and tourism texts and I am especially interested in translating texts for charitable organisations and NGOs.

I have a project for my studies in which I need to translate two text that have not been translated before! Does anyone have something for their business that needs my skills.

If you have such a project please do drop me a line here, I look forward to hearing from you.