downloadSometimes when someone comes to a John Cee show for the first time, having previously seen me, maybe some years previously, as part of Tudor Lodge, they remark on how my voice has changed.

I really don’t think my voice has changed that much, but I certainly am using a different voice for the music I write and play with Blue Horizon.

My vocal delivery with Tudor Lodge is much the same now as it was back in the ‘70s.  I didn’t really work at the voice, I just sang the songs.  The music didn’t seem to require anything else.  Since 1980, Lynne has largely been the lead vocal and songwriter for Tudor Lodge, so a natural vocal style (with no strong embellished character) has been ideal for a harmony blend.  So again, there has never been a need to develop the vocal style.

Then in 2011 I wrote a blues song, and at much the same time, learned a bluesy song written by Gary Fletcher (Blues Band) called that’s my way. (He later kindly contributed guitar and bass to the track on my CD “The DoobDoo Album”)

I tried out these songs at my local folk club.  The feel of the songs seemed to need a different vocal approach.  At first it wasn’t there.  It was a bit like the blues trying to be folk – or maybe folk trying to be blues.  But after a few attempts, and approaching the songs in a blues frame of mind, the songs led the vocal delivery into a different approach so that slowly, the voice began to meld with the songs.

It probably started out a little too English for the blues.  Then for a while, there was a danger of it being a little too American.  I wasn’t really comfortable with that mid Atlantic twang.  I think I have now found a middle road that seems to work – described in the ROCK’n’REEL review as “…a very English nod to the blues.”  I’m happy with that.

The idea of “putting on a voice” for a song seemed odd to me at first.  But it’s a performance – acting with music.  The only thing that really matters is putting the song across with the greatest impact.  Keeping it appropriate.

This vocal journey has definitely been song led, and I am aware of differences between songs.

No, the voice hasn’t changed; I just have more voices at my disposal.  Interestingly, improving the delivery also makes the process much more rewarding.  I am also discovering that I can apply some of these newly acquired techniques to my work with Tudor Lodge.

I wonder what would happen if I wrote something vaguely operatic – no, maybe I shouldn’t go there…

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