When mother Audree Wilson spoke to her son Brian about “good vibrations” that can emanate from a person and create a special connection, he took it to a profound level with his family/band the Beach Boys.  Their harmonies resonated with so many of us in a way that has connected us and created a shared loving response that has lasted over decades.  If you felt a certain connection to the gorgeous harmonies of the Beach Boys, this can also be read like a map or chart through planet/star relationships.

The event will begin with a brief description of the interconnections between the Beach Boys their music and their public, with a question and answer period.  This will be followed by the star/planet connections of participants with the Beach Boys.  If you’d like to have your chart discussed within this online group, or if you would simply like to attend contact Debbie Keil-Leavitt:  Debbie@debbiekeilastrologer.com.  She will need your birth date, time and location at least 1 week prior to the event to include you in the discussed charts.  These will be read on a first-come, first served basis.  Internet links and phone access will be provided to the first 25 sign-ups.

Debbie Keil-Leavitt has been a practicing astrologer since 1972 with numerous published works, including ongoing articles with The California Psychics blog/newsletter:  http://blog.californiapsychics.com/, the International Society for Astrological Research Journal article:  “A Mythic Transit Tale – Gemini Twins Paul McCartney and Brian Wilson, and “Denny’s Year, 2002-2003,” in the Endless Summer Quarterly in 2003, http://www.esquarterly.com/.  Other published works include astrological contributions for “The Beach Boys and the California Myth,“* by David Leaf, and she was quoted by author, Ben Edmonds, in the (November 2002) Mojo Magazine article, ” The Lonely Sea – The Beach Boys’ Dennis Wilson.”  Her interview with The Kansas City Star Magazine was featured in the December 18th, 2012 issue.

© Ed Roach

© Ed Roach

Debbie was a lecturer on Greek Mythology and Ancient Sites on the Wisdom School Odyssey to Greece,

September, 2002, Ancient Oracles 2010 Tour of Egypt on the ancient Egyptian view of the stars and she spoke

on the importance of the lunar eclipse during Sacred Sites Journeys Malta tour 2013.  Additionally, Debbie has

assisted in arranging other educational/inspirational trips.  She resides in Kansas City, Missouri while also

enjoying a location in Baja California. For information on upcoming classes, events & tours, or to enjoy

personal consultation from Debbie, contact:  http://www.debbiekeilastrologer.com/.

*David Leaf, The Beach Boys and the California Myth, © 1978, 1985, Courage Books, now out of print, pg. 104.
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