I think Barbara Gare is really onto something with her idea for her business, I am hopeless at grammar sadly I didn’t go to a great school, and I am always really conscious when I write on my website that it will read badly and let my business down, so now we have Barbara to turn to! she will proof read your work and make sure it’s all correct before it gets to your site! She will of course also write content for you, but agrees that really the words should be from the people who run the business, so in my mind this is a genius solution to all of those out there like me who want to write their own content, but also want it to stand out for their businesses!

Even after our first conversation, Lucy seemed to know just what I was looking for in a website and the kind of style I wanted; she got it exactly right. Working with her was a great experience and totally uncomplicated. Lucy is friendly, helpful and very knowledgeable and nothing is too much trouble. She was able to transform my ideas and content into an amazing website and the cherry on the cake was that Lucy also taught me how to update the website myself. I can make changes or add content whenever I want and at my convenience, and it won’t cost me anything. Lucy’s service with a smile is quick and efficient. She creates fantastic websites and gives great value for money. “Grammar for Business”