To say that it took seven and a half years is a little bit of an over-statement.  Yes it is true, as I mentioned previously that it was that long ago, in January 2007 that I wrote the first thirty pages of my novel “The GRiPPENHAM Tales – The Hidden Truth”, but then I did absolutely nothing for a year and a half. So I only really started seriously in the summer of 2008.  And it was completed when we got to the end of the sixth edit, some four years later in July 2012.

The project then went on the back burner to some extent whilst I concentrated on producing “The Doob Doo Album”.  Once that was done, I became very involved in putting the trio together so we could gig the songs.  So John Cee Stannard & Blue Horizon moved somewhat centre stage.  Then of course I wanted an album that reflected the live band, so became immersed in another album project.  “Bus Depot Blues” was completed and launched in June.

So – back to the book.

I had recently bought the book ’Publishing E-Books for Dummies’ – by Ali Luke.    Excellent stuff.

David Mackenzie had designed my album covers so it seemed natural to ask him to help with the book cover design.  What an excellent job he’s done.  There was a lot of work to do; a lot to learn; but now it’s done.

Under the author name of John C. Stannard I am chuffed to bits to say my full length fantasy novel, written for children aged 8 to 88 – is now available from the Kindle Store.

I hope you will find it to be a rollocking good read.  I had so much fun writing it.  It really is a good old fashioned adventure story.

Good central characters fight the villains.  They have to solve the crimes and save Tom’s parents. Full of colour and character.