Starting out ‘once more’ to set up a business meant I had to think seriously about my online presence, and particularly the need to convert a website holding page I had had for nearly ten years! I wanted to work on this quickly, and use the fallow month of August to crack the task. I looked at local providers and chose Lucy based on examples of her previous work, a discussion with her which proved to me she understood my needs, and her value for money proposition – the last being important because I was once more building the pipeline, and so wasn’t awash with money. I can safely say that none of the competition got anywhere close.

I am delighted with the outcome. Lucy was fantastic in just getting on with it and, because I knew what I wanted, finding the right structure and presentation to house my content. She combined her design expertise with technical know-how, which meant we could always sort out the gremlins. On top of that, she was creative in helping interpret my wishes and then, to top it all, she demonstrated a real ‘can-do’, hands on approach – no negotiating, prevarication or moaning.

She is particularly strong in taking the initiative – providing a solution and then working it back to where I wanted to be, rather than waiting always for further instructions. I simply could not have achieved the outcome without Lucy and I know – for sure – that I have potentially secured work through clients viewing the website and recognising the quality there as being representative of my own professional approach. I now consider my online approach to be stronger than that of my competitors, and I intend to use the website to press home that competitive advantage through continual refreshment of content.

Lucy also has great local network contacts who can provide associated services, and one of these helped me out with my business cards in an equally value-added way. Well done Lucy and a massive thank you!