Ok so the saga of where to get great FREE images for your website continues!  to be honest I wasn’t too sure about the Bing images all the ones you were allowed to use weren’t really what I was after, so I continued on my quest and discovered that… if you do use Google you can also find Creative Commons images.

Here’s How:

When you search images in Google I hadn’t noticed before but you get helpful sub groups pop up just below your search

google images 1

Now this is where you have to be careful, as I tell all my clients you can’t just go onto Google and save any old image you fancy. but as with Bing you can filter down your search to only show images that you are allowed to use; these are ‘Labeled for reuse” which means you can use it for business or commercial works,  “Noncommercial reuse” means you care NOT allowed to use it so please be very careful.

google images 2