Web Design North London (1)A few weeks ago I received a very unexpected e-mail from our local MP Nick De Bois,  inviting me to an evening reception at Number 11 Downing Street to meet the Chancellor of the Exchequer, George Osborne and to meet other creative people from the London area.  Nick also asked if I could suggest someone else to come along, so immediately thought of Georgia of Marshmallow Design who has created lots of the logos and art work for many of my clients. I was very pleased that she also accepted.

So the day dawned, we headed off, suited and booted, (well in Georgia’s case flip flopped)10422301_10155320572995122_6539883141191404839_n off to London. It was a glorious sunny day much to our relief and we found our way to Westminster. We were a little early and decided a hot choc was in order.  Then it was off to Downing Street. The first person we met was a lovely Russian lady called Hejran Stogde who runs the Piano School in Enfield and was an absolute blast. Then a lady called Betty joined us who has invented a Research marketing gameCarmen,  PA for Nick met us at the gates of Downing Street  and once we were through security we were allowed to take pictures of the Street.

Then it was off to the main event. Once through the doors of No 11 we had to give up our phone and camera and went upstairs to the meeting room. Nick de Bois arrived and gave us the history surrounding the building and pointed out the various offices and what had happens in them. The room slowly filled up with people and at 5.30 pm the Chancellor, George Osbourne arrived and was ushered around the room and spent time talking to the people from the different constituencies. When it got to our turn Betty was amazing and told him all about her business and in fact he mentioned her a few times in the talk that he gave once the meeting was over.  We had a photo taken with him and then he was off to the next group.

Web Design North London (4)I met Mitchell from CloudAmour and that was a funny encounter. As you may recall I did a video interview with Ross from Cloudamour last year at the Microsoft event, so it was a funny coincidence to then meet his boss at Downing Street.

I also met up with Olivia’s brother (of Streetzahead) Amit who runs the Gecko Theatre Company. She had insisted I get a #Selfie with him at the event which I managed to do.

All in all it was a huge thrill to visit the home of the Chancellor and it was rather surreal to be standing outside the door of Number 10, next door, which I have seen on the news all through the years with various people entering or leaving and telling us the latest woes of the world. It was great to be outside with happy people who were also honoured to be there and when it was all over we got a lift home in a Mercedes with Hejran Stogden’s driver. What a night!

Thanks so very much to Nick de Bois MP for inviting us.