record store dayIt was with keen anticipation that we headed off to Berwick Street for the Annual Record Store Day. We were hoping to go to St Albans fab new record store, Empire Records but alas they had kindly emailed me to tell me they had not received their copies of the Brian Wilson 45, which was one of the main items on my list. Sl London it was.

When we arrived at 11 at Berwick Street there were already hordes of people milling about and also a very daunting queue which we soon found ourselves at the tail end of. The time soon passed, all 90 minutes of it. We were entertained by reading through the list of items which we might be able to purchase, mine being:

I was told as we neared the door that a-ha had sold out so was very disappointed. Whilst we were in the queue a chap from the radio 6 breakfast show opened the event from the stage, and then a VERY loud band came on whose name sadly escaped me.

John Grant Record Store Day 2015Finally we were in the store, faced with another queue, then our choices were handed to me in a bag and they went through what we had got. And I was very lucky as the chap had been mistaken as a-ha was still available.

I love Record Store Day, it’s not even really about the purchases, it’s the whole event, the build up, the anticipation of whether you will get the desired record, the support it gives to our much needed record stores. and then of course sitting at home enjoying the music!

My Purchases

my purchases