WIBN Highgate (1)Today I found myself in a very buzzing WIBN Networking group right in the heart of Highgate, at a lovely pub called ‘The Bell’

It was all thanks to Michelle Eshkeri, who had asked me to sub for her,  I got there nice and early, some people were already setting up, the room was soon buzzing and what an eclectic group it is, builders, interior decorators, fitness expert, property consultant, business coach, solicitors, florist, events, child groups, food specialists , pretty much anyone you need in life was in that room!

Impromptu Selfie with Gillian

Impromptu Selfie with Gillian

It was lovely to see Jo Tocher who was one of my very first clients five years ago now, I met a lovely lady called Deborah who by all accounts puts on great events, and has great taste in music too judging by our chat! Claire Portis chaired the meeting, which went without a hitch, I found myself sitting by a lovely lady called Gillian, who is a Travel Consultant, and judging by the feedback within the group a very good one, funnily enough she is also from Enfield, so that was a coincidence, she also gave the best minute presentation I have ever heard, really inspired.

There were two five minute presentations the first from Sara Hill, who gave us a very informative talk about sales here are a few of her top tips:

  • Make the potential client feel important,
  • Think about why people might want to hire you,
  • Get your point across well
  • Make people look and feel good

Alan's RecordsHer talk was followed by Helen Sanderson who did a presentation about the work she has done, which was very varied, from a large office space in Faringdon, to a small flat that seriously needed de cluttering, she does amazing work, very imaginative, would give Grand Designs a run for their money!

The food was delicious too, and right at the end we were treated to the best lemon drizzle cake I have ever tasted (sorry Mum) made by another Gillian this time Gillian Balcombe.

So all in all it was a wonderful meeting, I then went off for a bit of retail therapy in the form of Alan’s records in Finchley which was crammed full of some of the best vinyl I have seen…. I bought some great albums


Pictures of my day in Highgate