I am here with Pamela Fisher who is a award winning net-worker here in North London, and we thought we would write a blog about how to network and where would be best for you whether you are a new business or an established business.

The excuses people give not to network are usually, ‘haven’t got time, wouldn’t know what to say, worried that someone there will show them up or be a clash of businesses’, if someone is there that does a similar thing to you, don’t look at this as a negative as this could actually be beneficial to you, as they might be overrun with work, or they may just deal with a niche, and you could ‘borrow’ some of their ideas for your 60’s next time, (what is a 60 seconds I hear you ask, it is a short business presentation that can be 30/45/60 seconds.)

All the groups are different, some of them do not allow people of the same discipline  in the group, so if you would prefer that then scroll down to our list of groups and there.

With all these detraction’s, why is it that people; and a lot of people do attend networking events, and how do they get results

People buy on emotion and rationalize with logic

is a famous quote but its true, people buy from people, if you are seen often enough and people around you are saying good things, you will inevitable attract work, Don’t go to a networking event just thinking of the business you can gain, but actually the business you could give to others, as it usually is reciprocal, and you don’t know who they know. Friendships can develop, business partners , also on the flip side you will see the character traits that wouldn’t work well with you, so its a great learning curve,  also lots of us work alone, and its a great way to get out and stop talking to the cat and actually interact with people.

Rosy-HOlt-editedWe asked Rosy Holt who runs the Enfield Athena groups for her thoughts on Networking:

“The Athena Network was formed ten years ago to support women in business – either those running their own businesses or working for an organization with the aim of recruiting new clients to their company.  I became a Regional Director in 2008 when I was looking at networking opportunities to promote my own business and had trouble in finding something that was convenient enough to fit in with my other commitments and slotted into my life style, I didn’t want anything too pressurised, but I didn’t want to be classed as “a lady who lunched” either. Although The Athena Network fitted the bill, I didn’t join a group, I bought the franchise!   My groups, in Potters Bar, Enfield, Borehamwood/Radlett and a fourth in Enfield West are full of pro-active, professional business women who want to increase connections and take their businesses forward.  It is very important to me that all my groups are proactive, friendly and welcoming, enabling ladies from various professions to join together to share business knowledge, contacts and expertise in order to increase their business possibilities.  Some of the members of the  South East Herts and Enfield region have been with me since their groups started proving that the Athena way of networking has worked for them.”


Also don’t just think, I have gone to the meeting and that’s that for another month i’m now going to be inundated with work, to get the most from the meetings you really need to interact outside the meeting, arrange 1 2 1’s, think of people you meet during that month that also might benefit from coming along to a meeting, you will find after a while you will always be thinking of strategic alliances for people, it will just come naturally.

Don’t just limit your 1 2 1’s to people whom you think would benefit your business, as again you just never know, sometimes  business can come from the most unlikely of places, I still get business from my very first networking meeting which was five years ago now.

If you are a retired net worker, and you left a  group, don’t be put off forever, give it another go, people change and new groups develop, that may have a different way of working.

Lots of people who are busy think they don’t have time for networking, but even well established companies who join a networking group after many years, still get a lot of new business, basically its never too late to start networking, and tap into a new area.

There are a lot of networking groups in North London, they all work differently here is out list:

This blog was written with Pamela Fisher

Pamela FisherPamela has been networking to grow her business for the last 4 years. Having left her career in nursing she is now committed to building her business with the Utility Warehouse and helping others to take control of their financial future. Networking has helped Pamela to step from being an employee to a business owner with many training and development opportunities, wide range of new contacts and source of business referrals. Pamela has lived in North London all her life, in Enfield for the last 20 years with her husband David, teenage daughter Katherine, two dogs and two cats. She is very happy to be contacted with any questions.
Pamela@seefisher.co.uk www.seefisher.co.uk