So with spring finally here I was thinking of spring cleaning my own website. I spend all the year looking at other peoples’ sites and working on their businesses, and this of course leads me to neglect my own…  Do you feel the same way, are you so busy with your clients that your own site is the last thing on your mind?   When was the last time you looked at your own site? Why not take a look at it now, making sure you come back to my post afterwards of course, ask yourself these questions:

How does your home page look?

Make sure your home page is clean, neat and has the relevant content on there that makes people want to learn more about how you can help them. Include lots of call to action boxes on there so people can easily find the content within your site that they require.

Does it say what people want to read about your business (as a business we often spout out words from OUR perspective about our business, when really all people want to know is, what you can do to help them with theirs – does your copy stand up to that test?

Make sure you have a video on the home page, did you know Google owns YouTube? Therefore, having a video on there is one of the things they look for.

Is it easy to navigate? Lots of people add link after link within the site content, when really it needs to be in the menu – everything should be three clicks to and back from the content.


Make sure you are blogging, if you don’t like blogging then why not vlog, just so long as you keep the site up to date. If you don’t love your site then why would Google.  Ask businesses within your networking groups to write guest blogs for you, it’s a great way to add content, and also a nice thing to feature other businesses other than your own. Maybe they are another part of the journey your potential client might need, for example: if you’re a wedding venue, then feature florists and photographers.

Talking of photos, like your social media accounts, make sure the images on your site are all up to date and fresh! a great site for licence free images is

Make sure your social media is embedded within the site so it is working for you.

Website Spring Clean

If you are thinking all of the above sounds a bit too much… give me a call and I can take care of it all for you for a very affordable cost, and give your website and business the spring clean it deservers