team-charlotte-1Spring is a time of new life – an excellent opportunity to take stock and clear out the cobwebs, refreshing and renewing all aspects of life and business.

As Lucy says, your website is an important part of this process. Ensuring your site is an accurate representation of your business and up-to-date with the constantly changing times is vital! Once you have checked your website off against Lucy’s spring cleaning criteria and you are sure it is good to go, you should look to other areas of your business.

Now you have a shiny new website that will wow your clients, you don’t want the other platforms you promote yourself on to let you down. What about social media? Does your profile picture and cover photo reflect your new image or is it out-dated? Is your business engaging with your audience effectively on Twitter and other social sites? If people are used to seeing you put out the same old content and boring promotions they will be switched off to what you are saying. What’s more, if you are often slow to respond to queries and comments people will actively detract from your brand. If this is the case it is likely people won’t even see yourSocial Media enfield post about your new website or want to click through. Give your social media a spring clean – use language appropriate for your target audience and subject matter they care about. Get them to sit up and pay attention to what you have to say by only saying interesting, informational and relevant things. That way your audience are more likely to want to have a look at your new website when you do drive them to it.

When spring cleaning your business, don’t forget about your marketing collateral. That flyer you have been sending out, the email, or the brochure you take with you to meetings. These are reflections of your business, almost virtual shop-windows, which showcase your products and services. Are these in-line with your new website? Is the message right for your customers – covering the who, what, where and why? Is the information tailored, engaging, clear and correct? Most importantly, is there a prominent call to action – you want to hook the audience and then reel them in.  Ensure you instruct them what to do next, if they like what they see they want to know who, when and how to take the next steps.

When running a business, you can get caught up in the day to day operations and thinking about generating a brand reputation and new business can be intimidating. Spring cleaning your business is a time consuming process and without the experience and knowledge about how best to go about it you may feel overwhelmed. Fear not – I have worked with businesses from the very large to smaller local companies and know just how to get results. For an affordable solution to your marketing needs get in touch: