on-the-go-physioI was introduced to Lucy through a previous client of hers. At the time I was in severe need of a new website because my previous web designer disappeared and was uncontactable.
Lucy understood how important it was for me to have a fully-functioning website and that I needed this to be done quickly.
Lucy worked extremely quickly over just a few days (including a weekend) and produced a superb new website for me in less than a week.
When I asked Lucy to amend things on the website before it went live, she did so quickly and without a fuss. It is easy for the client to feel ‘stupid’ for asking what they might deem daft questions but Lucy never made me feel like this and always answered my questions with clarity over the phone or by email.
I am very grateful to Lucy for her constant contact with me throughout the process and for building the website so quickly for me.
I have come across many web design crooks in the past few years so it is a breathe of fresh air to know that there is a genuine and lovely web designer in Lucy Hall and I would have no hesitancy in recommending her.