Half a century ago, in what seems like a different lifetime through the mists of a foregone millennium I was one of the lucky ones who went to see THE DOORS at the Carousel Theatre in West Covina, California.
Three songs I can recall hearing all the time on the radio. Riders of the Storm, the Crystal Ship and the iconic Light My Fire.
Light my Fire had the haunting velvet voice of Jim Morrison which drew you in like the fire he sang about.
The Carousel was an intimate theatre ‘in the round’. It was a special occasion and everyone dressed up for the occasion. We had good seats and missed nothing.
The stage rotated, the lights came on and the gorgeous Jim Morrison appeared in a black leather jacket and matching black leather jeans with his band who filled the theatre with the magic of their music. I so loved the instrumental of this song.
Great memories! What a fantastic time to be young.
It was a sad day In Paris when Jim Morrison poet/songwriter and frontman of THE DOORS died of a suspected drug overdose.

Christine’s favourite Doors songs: