Here’s my story

I met Lucy at a networking event in 2014 and she has built four websites for me since then. I’m a fan of change and evolution, which means that my business has taken various twists and turns. Ever-patient Lucy has been with me every step of the way.

I have worn many hats. I started out as a public relations consultant before moving into recruitment for the corporate communications industry. After a 20-year corporate career, I became self-employed in 2014, with the crazy ambition of becoming a makeup artist for midlife women. So, I gave up my well-paid, secure permanent job, took a makeup course and launched myself into the world of beauty.

I lasted six months.

That time taught me so much about myself. I don’t regret a moment. It led me back to what I’m good at – recruitment – but in a more fulfilling and flexible setup. Alongside starting Comms Leaders – a specialist recruitment business – with two partners, I launched a lifestyle blog. For a few years that served me well, allowing me to have amazing adventures and flex my creative muscles.

Always learning

During lockdown #2 in September 2020, I had a lightbulb moment to start a career podcast. I have interviewed several thousand candidates during my career, so I figured some of them would be keen to share their stories. It’s been fascinating learning about so many specialist areas of communications – from ESG and corporate activism to crisis communications.

Right here, right now

I am passionate about personal development and sharing my insights with others. This led me to train as a coach and I am now applying these new skills to support people at a career crossroads. Coaching teases out the answers which are already inside you.

Recently I enlisted Lucy’s help to knit all of these skills together – recruitment, professional development, the podcast and career coaching – within one website. There is a golden thread running through my services, which is supporting corporate communications professionals to build brilliant and fulfilling careers. Whether you need practical advice to create a brilliant CV or shine in interviews; or coaching to find the answers you’re looking for, I am here to support you.

Please visit my website for more information.