Here’s our story

We were introduced to Lucy in 2015 when we were working on updating a primary school’s website and needed the expertise of a web designer.  Lucy was able to solve our problems and provided little “how-to” tutorial video clips which were most helpful.

Red Desk Virtual started out in 2008 providing small business support and virtual assistance to freelancers.  As our client base changed, we found ourselves naturally moving into digital marketing projects – content creation & scheduling of social media through to SEO, brand awareness & online marketing strategies.


Reliable Web Designer

Due to the nature of digital marketing and small business support, we never know who our next client will be or what requests we might have.  As virtual assistants, we have found it important to surround ourselves (we are currently a team of 4 at Red Desk Virtual) with dependable contacts.  Lucy has been able to take over the role of web designer on many of our clients’ websites, is responsive and is able to fix our problems quickly.


Together We Are Stronger

Working in a small business can at times be daunting. However, over many years of networking, we have built up a good list of contacts (and clients), and have the trust to refer each other accordingly.

When we take on a new project, we visit the client and put together a digital marketing proposal, due to our confidence in Lucy as a web designer, we are able to include her in our plans.


The Future

During lockdown, we were prepared for a few of our clients to go quiet.  In reality, we ended up acquiring new clients who wanted to keep their local client base but also promote themselves online through local marketing strategies.  We have therefore found ourselves busier than ever – creating newsletters, updating websites, and exploring other local marketing ideas.  This is where our passion lies – helping small businesses reach their audience via the medium of social media and other digital outlets.  We are delighted to include Lucy in our journey as we move forward.


For more information on Red Desk Virtual, please visit our website or find us on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.