I spoke with Dee last week as one of my clients Burger Bites is moving over from the big delivery companies to App4.  This sounded so intriguing to me that I asked Dee to write me a post about it… hope you guys find it of interest!


Using Just Eat or a similar platform and fed up with paying high commissions on each order?

Want to be able to send your customers offers without incurring further charges? 

Wish you had your own branded online and mobile ordering platform for customers to order direct?

Want to see more of your hard-earned cash back on your bottom line?

Look no further….

App4 are leading the way in helping local food & drink businesses to grow their profits.

App4 has been growing its community of restaurant partners for the last 8 years, have already helped its partners save millions in potential commissions & want to help even more local restaurants, takeaways, cafes and pubs benefit.

Let’s talk numbers!

So far App4 have………………

Processed over 6 million orders!

Saved £31.5 million in potential commissions!

Saved an average of £5.25 per order!

App4 provide everything you need in one package!

Don’t take our word for it, see what our customers have to say……

Want to know about how we can support your business?

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