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The Doors by Christine Seddon

Half a century ago, in what seems like a different lifetime through the mists of a foregone millennium I was one of the lucky ones who went to see THE DOORS at the Carousel Theatre in West Covina, California. Three songs I can recall hearing all the time on the radio. Riders of the Storm, […]

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How to encourage people to give your business more google reviews

I have been asked a few times now how to create a link directly to your Google Business Reviews, I always suggest to my clients that this is the best place to ask their clients to leave reviews, as lets face it we all Google everything!  It also helps with your ranking on Google, as […]

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Resources for your blog content

Lots of my clients ask me what they should blog about, and also ways to monetise their sites. Years ago I was recommended this great site The site is set up for  PRs, businesses & organisations who are looking to get more coverage opportunities for their clients, which basically means, people who are looking for you to advertise […]

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Blogging – the first six months

Six months ago, almost to the day, a young lady knocked on my front door and changed the course of my life. Her name is Mel and although I’d never met her before, she lives in the next street. She needed access to my garden which backs onto hers, to put up a fence. She […]

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House of Colour – Pauline Harwood | Guest Post

Of course we all know that we should value people for who they are inside and yet the reality is that we make judgements about people based on what they look like.  Not only that, but we make those decisions within the first 90 seconds of meeting them!  Take a look at this statement: “Never […]

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Guest Post: THAT’S MY SONG! by John Cee Stannard

or WHAT HAVE YOU GOT? You have a great idea … You have lousy timing … What have you got? … … Nothing … or have you? Several years ago I was watching a TV talent show and thought there should be a show specifically for songwriters – I even had a name for the […]

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You just have to keep going… Guest Post by John Cee Stannard

To say that it took seven and a half years is a little bit of an over-statement.  Yes it is true, as I mentioned previously that it was that long ago, in January 2007 that I wrote the first thirty pages of my novel “The GRiPPENHAM Tales – The Hidden Truth”, but then I did […]

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On his way back to the Planet Ork, Robin Williams | Guest Post by Panayiotis

It’s a bit of a sad day.  Like most of you, I heard the news of Comic and Actor Robin Williams who allegedly commited suicide early yesterday morning.  This is very sad, as Williams had continued to get help to try to deal with his demons.  Sadly, he lost the battle, and the world has […]

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Simply Testable: What It Is, How We Got Here, Challenges We’ve Faced and Where We’re Going

Simply Testable helps those who create websites introduce fundamental automated frontend testing into their standard development, testing and support processes. We do this by offering one-click full-site testing that covers all the basic aspects that make websites work. The service is used daily by people all over the world and saves many hours each day by automating testing […]

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Public Domain Images (Free Images for your site)

Following on from my blog last month of resources for license free images I have now found a great site called ‘I’d Pin That‘ you pop the description of the image in their search bar and before you know it lots of great images appear for you to use, as always make sure you read […]

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