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How resilient is your website? Guest post from Lindsay Miller of Red Desk

In the current climate it is essential that you have an understanding of the security issues surrounding your website.   Discuss security from the offset with your web developer and get them to explain how they will be protecting your site but also what you and all those using the site should be doing on a […]

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If music be the food of love…….

It`s been said before but yes I do seem to have many strings to my bow, but always a  joy to walk down my musical memory lane for a little while… But before I set off, I should just remember that as a “cookie queen” these days dear readers, some of you may not know […]

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What Can Content Do For You?

Firstly, professionally written content is a necessity for any website, whether that be ‘micro copy’ as brief descriptions, or full blown articles shared on social media, and everything inbetween. As your customers see that something is professionally copy written; they are more likely to trust the message, and therefore your brand. The relationship between content […]

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You just have to keep going… Guest Post by John Cee Stannard

To say that it took seven and a half years is a little bit of an over-statement.  Yes it is true, as I mentioned previously that it was that long ago, in January 2007 that I wrote the first thirty pages of my novel “The GRiPPENHAM Tales – The Hidden Truth”, but then I did […]

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On his way back to the Planet Ork, Robin Williams | Guest Post by Panayiotis

It’s a bit of a sad day.  Like most of you, I heard the news of Comic and Actor Robin Williams who allegedly commited suicide early yesterday morning.  This is very sad, as Williams had continued to get help to try to deal with his demons.  Sadly, he lost the battle, and the world has […]

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Simply Testable: What It Is, How We Got Here, Challenges We’ve Faced and Where We’re Going

Simply Testable helps those who create websites introduce fundamental automated frontend testing into their standard development, testing and support processes. We do this by offering one-click full-site testing that covers all the basic aspects that make websites work. The service is used daily by people all over the world and saves many hours each day by automating testing […]

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Pacific Ocean Park (a transatlantic conversation with Domenic Priore, Christopher Merrit and Michael Kemp)

It’s been seven years since Domenic Priore’s last dip into the waves with his excellent  “Riot on Sunset Strip” opus (2007) so it’s a pleasure to report he’s now back and has joined forces with Christopher Merritt to produce “Pacific Ocean Park  ~  an intricately researched and lavishly illustrated account of the Rise and Fall […]

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Synchronicity – Don’t Ignore The Obvious… by John Cee Stannard

Synchronicity – is the experience of two or more events as meaningfully related, where they are unlikely to be causally related. Some people believe that synchronicity is one way in which the spirit world will nudge is in a certain direction, or confirm that we are on the right (or wrong) path – or even […]

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Hypnobirthing, the Wise Hippo Way is a fun | Guest Post Bridgette Mansfield

Hypnobirthing, the Wise Hippo Way is a fun, educational preparation class for pregnant women and their birthing partners.  Why a hippo you may ask?  Well, if a female hippo can go off and birth her babies easily and without a fuss, why can’t us human females do the same? I absolutely love teaching this course […]

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John Cee Stannard – Thoughts on the Business of Music

I have recently read the first three posts of the article titled “The Road To Revenue” posted by  Musik and Film, and I now eagerly await the next five parts.  This is a well thought out and informative set of articles aimed at explaining how musicians have to learn to behave like business people if […]

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