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Why do we celebrate Christmas

As we were driving back to my parents to celebrate Christmas I got to wondering why it is that we celebrate it at all….  We all know it is supposed to be the birth of Christ, but we also all know that no one knows when that was exactly, so here’s what I discovered. The […]

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The Book vs the EBook

I awoke early this morning, buzzing around in my brain was ‘Neil Young’ ‘The world is turning, I hope it don’t turn away’ (brownie points are awarded if you know the brilliant song that is from :-)’ I had a brilliant program last week in the ‘Imagine‘ series by Alan Yentob and it was all […]

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Sons and Lovers by D.H. Lawrence

I have had this book on my shelf for years and years, just waiting for the right time to lose myself in it. I even took it on holiday one year but just wasn’t in the right place. I think to read a book like this, you know it is such an important work that […]

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Loving Social media get a mention in the Enfield Independent


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Weekly Photo Challenge: Wonder

I took this from the top of St Peter’s Dome amazing place!

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Peter Lacey on Smile

You can never really tell how much the world’s going to change..as a small boy sharing a room with my older bother and his record player, The Beach Boys were constantly played and stories of the band’s leader soon became the stuff of legend in my house and in my own mind. For my Dad’s generation it was […]

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Our visit to Battle – Guest Blogger Liz Davis, file under a great day out!

As someone who never paid any attention to History or Geography when I was at school (I was mathematically minded and very interested in the sciences) and have in later life regretted this, I found the visit to the Abbey and Battlefield extremely interesting. I learnt loads and thoroughly enjoyed the day. We arrived at […]

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Today we went to Charleston for those who don’t know, it was the home of Virginia Woolf’s sister; Vanessa Bell. I had wanted to visit for many years, having first read about it in the early 90s. I stumbled upon the Letters of Violet Trefusis and Vita Sackville West in a second hand book shop […]

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Vegetables and how my ‘Smile’ years began when I was 10.

Picture the scene… I am to be found in Brixworth Primary School; Mrs Rose announces to the class that we are to do a project on potatoes.  Having loved the Beach Boys since I was 7, I only had 20 golden greats on tape but Dad had not long returned from Florida with a copy […]

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Beiderbecke Affair – File under Timeless Telly cont’

When I was still at school this program aired!  we all used to watch it as a family, it is brilliant!!!!  hilarious, political and also stars two of our all time greats the sublime Barbara Flynn and the great James Bolam, here is a breif taster.. but I highly recommend the dvd!!! needless to say […]

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