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How to create a YouTube Playlist’s

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How to get to the top of Google

This is how I got to the top of Google simply by using my website and social media.

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Guest Post | Thegz Savvides | Loving Social Media

Humanizing your brand is one of the best ways to get interaction. Forever putting out content and calls to action simply doesn’t work. One day, someone came in to the opticians where Garry works and said to him, “you remind me of Scott Disick!” For those of you who don’t know, Scott is from the […]

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Vine for Desktop

Did you know you can now view your vine posts on your p,  just click here and login using your twitter account and all the vines will appear just as they do on your phone, here are mine.  

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Pinterest for Business

Pinterest as you may know is one of the most popular social media platforms. The beauty of Pinterest is that all the images on the site originate from websites, they aren’t just pulled from google. So bearing that in mind from a marketing SEO point of view you can have lots of fun with it […]

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One to one training

One of the services I offer is to go to a business and over a period of time show them how to keep their website updated themselves.  Sometimes I have inherited a HTML site which means that sadly the site is not easily updated by the client, but all is not lost as, on those […]

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How to view YouTube Tags

Hi I was asked by a client to see what tags certain videos had used, they used to show up but have been hidden now, but all is not lost, there is a very easy solution. If you right click on the video be it on this page or where it is located and click […]

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Google Keyword tool has been replaced by Google Keyword Planner

Last week I was with a client telling her how amazing the Google keyword tool is, I went to the link only to find it had vanished, so I was very pleased to see it is now back, but under a different guise, it is now called the ‘Google Keyword Planner’ Those who are new […]

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Live Keyword Tool – SEO Tool

Here is a great tool I heard about from SEO genius Paula Fagan. Once you have used the Google keyword tool to figure out your keywords (see here) you enter them in the boxes on this site and then type some suitable text for any of the pages or blog on your website. This tool […]

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