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Weekly Photo Challenge: Winter

The last Photo Challenge of the year, The view last Christmas of the Grand Union canal at Crick.  

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Love when all seems against you – Stephen Kalinich’s New Years Message

Love when all seems against you love when you see violence in the world love in your every day life express love in acts done in quiet moments with no witness love is vast never falters love gives dance to sorrow comfort to one who struggles forgiveness is loves child grace in all your movements […]

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Love Your High Street

As those who have been following my blog over this past year will know, I have been part of the Enfield ‘Love Your High Street/ We Love Enfield‘ Campaign, and I have enjoyed each and every moment of it. We all know that our high streets are facing perilous times, there is so much against them, be […]

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Itunes Match

Wanted to share with you the latest genius moment from apple, Itunes Match,  I don’t know about you but I have loads of music on my computers and its really annoying a, because it takes up so much space and b, because when I get a new cd I have to try and remember to […]

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Why do we celebrate Christmas

As we were driving back to my parents to celebrate Christmas I got to wondering why it is that we celebrate it at all….  We all know it is supposed to be the birth of Christ, but we also all know that no one knows when that was exactly, so here’s what I discovered. The […]

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Brian Wilson – Little Saint Nick

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